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How you can go to 10K months in your coaching business with ease

Even if you had a streak of months with no clients.


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The main thing you need to change to see success with ease

There is million of things you could be doing but not all of them will have the same impact – I’ll share what 20% of things got me 80% of results in 2023

How to sign coaching clients even if you don’t have anything in place

I’ll show you how you can launch and sign clients even when you don’t have the time (I’m a stay-at-home mum, with 2 businesses) and without a team

How to feel good about your business and know your success is not temporary

Sometimes it can be hard to constantly hustle to maintain success. So knowing how to have success even when you are not hustling is key.

Who am I?

Hi there!
I’m Marta – a mum of a 2-year-old, former medical scientist (with a PhD and all), and a rising coach (mindset and small business strategist). I started my online business by doing websites and grew that part whilst pregnant and with a small baby (and severe lack of sleep). Then in 2022 I started a coaching business and followed all the advice out there, got a high level mentor (yes 5 figures), joined 10 different courses, and tried million of things just to sign 0 coaching clients.

In December I took a step back – reflected and found the missing piece of the puzzle. Implemented easy strategies, and took the pressure off taking more time for myself and for the joyful things in life. And suddenly I had launched  a 1-1 offer and a group coaching programme with 9 people in total (generating 10K) in 1 month.

And I’ll share how I did it in the masterclass. So join me and let’s do this!