Become fully booked-out

Join us on a 3 month journey of helping you create an unshakable mindset and an aligned and profitable coaching business.


This live course is here to help you

Identify what you really want and what is your mission

not what others have and you think you should have

Put yourself at the heart of your business

See your unique strengths and believe in yourself to create everything you want and so much more

Have the powerful impact you want, while taking care of yourself first

Create unshakable mindset for all the challenges

Creating a deep trust and belief in yourself and the process

Overcome fear of failure, rejection and the unknown

Beat perfectionism and procrastination

Release money blocks and get confident with your pricing knowing your incredible worth

Create a successful business that works for you

Identify easy steps and systems that will feel aligned and attract your ideal clients

Create a fun and consistent approach where things are in flow instead of feeling heavy and pressured

Stop trading time for money and start using easy automations to work for you

Have a supportive, empowering and uplifting network

so you’re not doing this on your own

Have accountability to keep you motivated and consistent with taking action

Have step-by-step guidance and business resources to save you time

You have someone to check up on you when you start to feel you want to give up or start falling to your default patterns, and cheer on you to keep going


We believe…

you can have a life you love, take care of yourself and your needs and still build a successful purposeful business and make an impact in the world. And we are here to help you do that. 

We start on the 15th of February

weekly calls
pre-recoded videos
lots of resources and support

Month 1 – creating your irresistible offer

Getting clarity on what you want and your uniqueness.

Identifying your ideal client and what they want and struggle with.

Your powerful offers and client attraction model.

Month 2 – creating your client attraction systems

Setting up an automated sales process that will guide your leads to purchase.

Creating your onboarding and client retention processes.

Planning ways to attract clients into your world.

Month 3 – converting your leads into sales

Become confident in sales processes.

Set up nurturing sequences for your leads and clients.

Collect feedback and social proof to attract more people.

Plus all these Bonuses

2 one to one calls

Get 1 more 1-1 call if you pay in full.

These 1-1 intensives are life changing and we will focus on your own path and goals.


Daily content prompts

We will make promoting your business and offers easy with daily action steps and posting ideas

Daily check-ins

Group support with daily accountability and community, and weekly 1-1 check-ins to keep you motivated and on top of any blocks or challenges

Sales calls practice

A special mini-course on sales and opportunity to practice with your peers to gain more confidence

'You are More Than Enough' course

An amazing course to help with your self-belief and mindset, to feel good even when things don’t go as planned

Resources and templates

Anything from checklists to onboarding templates for your clients, and must have business tools for success

Meditations and affirmations

Mindset tools to help you overcome those limiting beliefs and start manifesting your desires

Business and mindset journal prompts

Get to the root of what you truly want and what is stopping you so you can get to your desires faster.

Quarter 2 business planning

Set yourself up for success after the course by planning out the things that will move your business forward

Hand-help support all the way

In the first round of this course we are going to put all of our efforts to make sure each and every person is supported in everything you would need to

– finally create a business that is thriving month after month on your own terms, your way,

– build a mindset that is strong and can stand up to all the challenges that will come along, and putting self care as a priority

– and create a life that feels good alongside your business, make an impact and feel fulfilled.

For you if…

You are starting your coaching business and need help getting clients and creating easy systems to organise your sales processes

You have started your coaching business a while ago but have unpredictable client intake and you want more consistency

You know you can make a difference in other peoples lives, and your own, but you are just overwhelmed with all the information which is keeping you paralysed

You are struggling with your mindset – constantly comparing yourself with others, being affected by failure and rejection

Perfectionism is stopping you from taking consistent action

You are struggling with self worth and believing you can do this

You need a more hand-held support that is not provided in other programmes or coaching packages that you tried

You want to get to those consistent 2-5K months and start impacting and helping people


Not for you if…

You already are fully booked out with 1-1 clients and have all of your systems set up to work for you

You are not struggling with your mindset and nothing bad that happens in your business and life affects you

You are already getting consistent 5K months and are looking to scale your business even more

You are comfortable and confident in your message and marketing

You have lots of people reaching out to work with you

You have a system that works well for you 

You want to get a quick fix solution to building a sustainable business 

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Help us build it together by providing your input. We will ask for regular feedback from everyone.

Tell us if you need something more or something less from this course to reach your goals.

We want to make this course the best one out there and you will help us do that in this round.

Plus, you will have lifetime access to all the future changes and additions to the course.

Really, a no-brainer investment for your success in building a business you will love

Buy before the 1st of February to get 1 (installments) or 3 (pay in full) additional 1-1 calls

Bonus: 1 extra 1-1 call

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Money back guarantee 

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Who are we

If you don’t know us yet (but you probably do)

Dani is a self love and mindset coach helping women see their potential and worth, live a happier and fulfilled life and reach their dreams and goals.

Marta is a tech expert, mindset coach in training, and course and launch strategist in training, helping online coaches build their systems for lead and sales generation (websites, funnels, email marketing, automations…)

We believe you can have a life you love, take care of yourself and your needs and still build a successful purposeful business and make an impact in the world. And we are here to help you do that.