Aligned Home

Join us on a 6 month journey of helping you create an unshakable mindset and an aligned and profitable coaching business that fills you with excitment.


This live group programme is here to help you

Identify what you really want and what is your true mission

not what others have and you think you should have

Put yourself at the heart of your business

See your unique strengths and believe in yourself to create everything you want and so much more

Have the powerful impact you want, while taking care of yourself first

Create unshakable mindset for all the challenges

Creating a deep trust and belief in yourself and the process

Overcome fear of failure, rejection and the unknown

Beat perfectionism and procrastination

Release money blocks and get confident with your pricing knowing your incredible worth

Create a successful business that works for you

Identify easy steps and systems that will feel aligned and attract your ideal clients

Create a fun and consistent approach where things are in flow instead of feeling heavy and pressured

Stop trading time for money and start using easy automations to work for you

Have a supportive, empowering and uplifting network

so you’re not doing this on your own

Have accountability to keep you motivated and consistent with taking action

Have step-by-step guidance and business resources to save you time

You have someone to check up on you when you start to feel you want to give up or start falling to your default patterns, and cheer on you to keep going



… feeling that content and accomplished feeling when you are not worrying about money, you are working from home, making your own decisions, feeling that inner peace.

… going to a hairdresser on a Wednesday just because you can, instead of being on a hamster wheel all the time.

… working because you love it and not because you desperately need to make money. Staying aligned with who you are, instead of chasing what everyone else is doing.

… feeling energised and inspired with your business and life. Feeling excitement that anything is possible.

… having an impact and a difference in the world.

… taking the pressure off, slowing down, enjoying life, and being present with your loved ones.

We believe…

you can have a life you love, take care of yourself and your needs and still build a successful purposeful business and make an impact in the world. And we are here to help you do that. 

What’s included

weekly group calls
pre-recoded videos
messaging accountability and check-ins


Online portal with mindset and business training

Everything from business basics, crafting irresistible offers, converting your dream clients, to authentic sales… 

Automations and easy to follow tech tutorials 

Mindset exercises and support videos to help you step into your best successful self

Meditations and nervous system support to build resilience and prevent yourself from falling back to old programming or self-sabotage


4 live calls a month

We start every month with a strategy call planning out your monthly goals and actions

Monthly mindset call to address any blocks or resistance coming up while taking action

Monthly guest expert call to bring in new ideas and knowledge to help you grow even more

Monthly chit-chat or co-working calls to get to know your peers and connect with like-minded coaches and build those connections


Group support and accountability

Weekly check-ins to keep you motivated and on top of any blocks or challenges

FB group for connection and asking questions

Daily journal prompts and tapping videos to get your vibration and self belief up first thing every day

Monthly 1-1 check-in and feedback 


We cover everything from strategy to mindset to tech


You have access to an online portal filled with business and mindset related training. Practical tutorials for technical setups for your business systems and processes. A variety of meditations to help you overcome blocks, visualise your ideal future, attract abundance and more. And you can always ask us for specific training as we are adding to the portal all the time or inviting additional guest experts. Below are modules that are available with several training videos in each in the next 6 months.

Business foundations

Focusing on business models, business planning and growth, identifying target markets and niche

Mindset for business

focusing on self-belief, consistency and motivation, overcoming different blocks, sales psychology

Offer refinement

Identifying the best types of offers for your business and how to make them irresistible to your target market

Lead generation and sales

Funnels – focusing on finding a system specifically for your business to have a steady stream of clients

Online presence

Building an online presence through a website and social media, confidence in showing up as an expert

Systems and automation

Getting clarity on your processes and identifying which can be automated and simplified

Sales and money mindset

How to have sales conversations, confidence in charging and increasing your prices

Scaling your business

Creating and selling group offers, memberships, courses, digital products, passive income, outsourcing and teams

Plus these Bonuses

Initial 1-1 call

Get 1 more 1-1 call if you pay in full.

These 1-1 intensives are life changing and we will focus on your own path and goals.


Quarterly business planning

Big VIP session every quarter to reflect, simplify, focus on your most important goals and create a realistic but expansive action plan for the next 3 months.

Sales calls practice

A special mini-course on sales and opportunity to practice with your peers to gain more confidence

If you know what you need to do but you are not doing it

We know how this feels, and we have seen it in so many others. That is why we don’t just focus on helping you with the strategy, because you can get all the strategies out there. But sometimes you need something deeper, you need someone to challenge your beliefs, you need to identify what might be keeping you stuck in self-sabotage, and support in your own inner growth and mindset shifts. That is why an integral part of this programme is focusing on you, your beliefs, your mindset and having daily accountability in all of those. So that every week you are taking those steps, doing the things you know you need to do, to keep the momentum going, and having support if any blocks or resistance comes up, so that they don’t stand in your way.

For you if…

You know you can make a difference in other peoples lives, and your own, but you are just overwhelmed with all the information which is keeping you paralysed

You are struggling with constantly comparing yourself with others, being affected by failure and rejection, and you want to build a strong confidence and self belief

Perfectionism is stopping you from taking consistent action, and you want to overcome that and anything that might be causing it

You are struggling with self worth and believing you can do this

You want that personalised support that is not provided in other programmes or coaching packages that you tried

You want to get to those consistent 2-10K months and start impacting and helping people

You want to be a part of a community that will lift you up and support you on this journey


Not for you if…

You are looking for a cookie-cutter magic bullet fast strategy and you are not willing to put in the internal and external work necessary to build something sustainable and aligned to you

You are looking to be saved rather than wanting to build an incredible self trust and belief, and learn new skills that are going to serve you long term and empower you to know you are capable of anything

You are not willing to look deeper and work on yourself from the inside 

If you already feel you are your most successful self and you don’t need help with anything

If you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone or get a little uncomfortable on the way to your growth


Your space for expansion and growth

 – finally create a business that is thriving month after month on your own terms, your way,

– build a mindset that is strong and can stand up to all the challenges that will come along, and putting self care as a priority

– and create a life that feels good alongside your business, make an impact and feel fulfilled.

Really, a no-brainer investment for your success in building a business you will love

Join before the 1st of January to access the January VIP strategy day to plan out your 2024 (worth £444)

Bonus: 1 extra 1-1 call

VIP option – 1-1 support from 2 experienced coaches 

Upgrade to the VIP (only a few spots available) where you will have a private messenger support with both of us 5 days a week (have us in your back pocket for everyday situations and questions where you don’t need to come into the group, the messenger is open to you for anything that might come up, even personal situations you want to resolve and get supprot with. You can send us all of your materials, copy, posts and ideas and we support you with choosing the right path for you daily. You also get a monthly 1-1 call with one of us where we can fully focus on your business or mindset. Our individual 1-1 support is valued at more than £1000 a month, but as a part of the Aligned home you can access this for just £666 a month.

Money back guarantee 

If you are unsatisfied with this programme and feel that it did not provide the help you expected, you have the option to request a full refund within the first month. You will need to come to at least 50% of the calls in the 1st month and participate in the weekly accountability, and if you still feel unhappy we will give you your investment back no questions asked.

What happens next?


Step One:

You check out this landing page and instantly see the value and know what we share is speaking to you. So you jump in, knowing this is just the thing you need to ditch the struggle, doubt and brain drain and create your feel good business

Step Two:

We send you your welcome pack! With the prompts to get you focused on what you’re going to create and how we can support you to get there. Access to our accountability and Facebook group and the background bits to know you are all set up

Step Three:

Set up your bespoke future visioning session with Marta and Dani to visualise where you want to be in 6-12 months time. We hold the space and guide you to map out everything you want to achieve in your 6 months, step by step and how we walk alongside you to help you get there

Step Four:

You commit to showing up, participating, trying new things, self-reflect, feeding back to us, asking for support when needed and stretching yourself. In the way, YOU decide and it feels aligned for you 

Step Five:

We embark on a beautiful path together of daily prompts, weekly accountability and calls. Each month we guide you through different themes that will enable you to create the systems, processes, mindset, offers and clients you dream of

Step Six:

We end the 6 months with a deep reflection 121 and support for your next steps to see you keep shining

Who are we

If you don’t know us yet (but you probably do)

Dani is a self love and mindset coach helping women see their potential and worth, live a happier and fulfilled life and reach their dreams and goals.

Marta is a tech expert, mindset coach and course and launch strategist, helping online coaches build their systems for lead and sales generation (websites, funnels, email marketing, automations…)

We believe you can have a life you love, take care of yourself and your needs and still build a successful purposeful business and make an impact in the world. And we are here to help you do that.