From 0-10K with group coaching offers mini course

Elevate Your Coaching Business to 10K Success: Mastering High-Ticket Group Coaching Offers!

Transform your coaching business with a 30-day roadmap to financial success and impact, even if you had a streak of months with no clients.


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Unlock the Power of High-Ticket Group Coaching:

Discover the strategic approach that propelled my coaching business to consistent high months. Learn how to maximise your time and expertise for both impact and financial reward.

Craft and Launch Your Standout Offer:

Dive deep into the art of creating a coaching offer that resonates with your ideal clients and establishes you as an authority in your niche. Clarify your Unique Value Proposition, define the transformative journey, and structure a program that stands out.

Map Your 30-Day Road to Success:

Follow a proven roadmap to launch and pre-sell your high-ticket group coaching offer. From refining your offer to building your online presence, crafting compelling marketing content, and executing a successful pre-sale – this 30-day journey will elevate your coaching business to new heights.


Who am I?

Hi there!
I’m Marta – a mum of a 2-year-old, former medical scientist (with a PhD and all), and I’ve been exactly where you are now. As a passionate coach, I faced the challenges of financial uncertainty and the struggle to make a meaningful impact. However, my journey took a remarkable turn when I discovered the transformative power of high-ticket group coaching. Today, I’m on a mission to share the strategies that not only changed my life but can revolutionise yours too. Join me in this course, and let’s unlock the potential of your coaching business together.