Aligned Business Accelerator

Speed up your business success and make things easier and aligned to YOU, so that you can have an even greater impact on your clients and the world and finally have time to live your most abundant life NOW.

In the next 12 months you are going to:

Find the aligned business model for YOU

How does a business that fits in with the wonderful life you want to live sounds like? Well this is exactly what we are going to create – life first, business second (finally).

Build an amazing personal brand and website

YOU are the reason why people are going to buy, show them WHY you are the most amazing coach out there and why they should work with you.

Attract and nurture loyal audience ready to buy

We are going to work on your messaging and ways you can captivate your audience, as well as how you can connect with them and form real relationships.

Create aligned offers for greater impact and income

We are going to find the 20% of things in your offer arsenal that are going to create 80% of impact and income for you. Simple but powerful. Making your life easier while still giving your best to your clients.

Up-level your CEO mindset and create boundaries

You are going to start feeling like the true CEO and not an intern trying to do absolutely everything in your business. You will think, act and execute like a boss and create rock-solid mindset.

Build easy automations for leads and sales

We are going to automate and simplify all of the processes you need in your business. This will free up so much of your time and mental space, to then have energy for the important things – like clients and your life.


Who is this for?

This is for you if you are a coach, or want to start a coaching business. You can start even without having your certification yet – I have started building my coaching business before having my certification. Which allowed me to have a head start once I do get it. You can have all your systems in place, start building up personal brand and your social media presence, start attracting the right people to you so that when you launch your coaching services you already have people ready to buy! And if you already have a coaching business but you are just working all the time, sacrificing your life, and still not seeing the results you would like to see this is for you. Building a business thats working for you and is easy takes time and lots of testing, thats why 12 month support is so important to have that accountability and help along the way. Just imagine where could you be in 12 months time.


When are the live sessions going to be?

If you sing up for the waiting list and join the first POWER group of founding members I am going to see what times are the best for everyone in the group before we start, there are going to be more calls in case someone cannot make it at a certain time. You will also have access to replays and to private voxer group where you can ask questions when you need.

How much is the price

The full price of this membership is going to be 444£ per month or 4000£, HOWEVER if you sign up for the waiting list you are going to be notified when the BETA price is released for the first POWER group of founding members.
Not only will the price be lower but you will get extra bonuses in the form of 1-1 strategy calls with me, done for you tech and automation services and a lot of access to me in the group. Doing all of this things on your own or paying someone would cost you so much time and money that this is really a no brainer. Getting to that state of success both in life and business is priceless. My aim is to get everyone to fully booked out, high 4-fig to 5 figure months while working less and having all the systems in place.

When do we start

You start when you buy and have a whole year 2023 as well. So the group and the trainings are going to be out before 2023 starts and you can get that head start if you join earlier. But officially we start on the 1st of January 2023. 

Can I opt out if I don't find it useful

Yes you can. Just email me and I will give you a refund for the months you didn’t use. I don’t want to force anyone to be where they don’t want to be. But I am also so confident that this is going to propel your business and you will find so much value in this membership that you will not want to leave.

Can we have a chat before I sign up

Of course you can book a call with me here: