Free Training on the 18 of March

at 11 AM UK time (12:00 CET)

Sold Out Signature Offer Masterclass

Learn the easiest way to create and sell a group coaching offer that will get your clients amazing results.


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What will you learn

How to create an irresistible offer

This one trick will help you create an offer that your ideal clients wont be able to resist. 

How to pre-sell before you create

Don’t let not having anything done yet put you off. I will show you how you can pre-sell your offer so that you can verify your idea and earn some money before putting in the actual work.

How to profit from your offer over and over 

I will show you how to make sure you create an offer that gets your clients results – and how to leverage those results to profit from your offer over and over again.

Who am I?

Hi there!
I’m Marta – a mum of a 2 year old baby girl, former medical scientist (with a PhD and all), and a rising coach (mindset and small business strategist).

I started my online business by doing websites and grew that part whilst pregnant and with a small baby (and severe lack of sleep). 

But the moment my baby was born I knew I wanted to turn to group offers to save time and impact more.

I launched my first course for free and had no-one get the end result. 

I then got on a journey of learning how to effectively create and sell group programmes and courses that get people results

Fast forward 6 months to my first sold out course (before creating the trainings) with 100% of people getting the end result 🥳. 

And now in 2023 I launched and sold a coaching group programme before getting my certification, before knowing the name of the programme, before creating anything for it. 

And helping my clients do the same! 

Join me for FREE to see how you can do this too.