Live Strategy day – Wed 17th April

at 1-4 pm UK time (2-5 pm CET)

Create a plan to pre-sell your high-ticket group offer before you create it!

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Learn the easiest way to create and sell a group coaching offer that will get your clients amazing results. (Free signup doesn’t include replays)


Get the VIP offer – for just £47

🌟 Lifetime access to the 3h training videos – WORTH £444

🌟 1-1 personalised coaching call to help you with your group offer sales – WORTH £222

🌟 Sales/discovery call script – WORTH £111


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What will you learn

How to create an irresistible offer

This one trick will help you create an offer that your ideal clients wont be able to resist. 

How to pre-sell before you create

Don’t let not having anything done yet put you off. I will show you how you can pre-sell your offer so you know it’s something people want, need and will buy, and have the guaranteed income before you do all the work creating it.

How to profit from your offer over and over 

I will show you how to make sure you create an offer that gets your clients results – and how to leverage those results to profit from your offer over and over again.

Are you interested in building a group coaching offer and learning how to sell it before creating it?

I pre-sold 2 group coaching offers in just 5 months and generated £25,000 in sales before the offer was created, validating the idea and attracting the absolute dream clients in.


I will be showing you the exact steps I took (and helped my clients)

But not just that – you will be planning it out on the day so that you know specifically what kind of group you want to create (the one that makes you feel like you are not even working), where to find ideal clients you want in (nobody wants the wrong people in their offers) and what steps you need to take to have a successful pre-sale before you even create it.

What do you say?


VIP offer – for just £47


If that is not enough I am also adding a bonus 1-1 strategy call with me to help you fine tune your plan. (worth £222)


And my top secret pre-sale script that got 8 out of 14 people to say YES to my offer, even though they claimed they were not interested in any new investments in the beginning of the call. (worth £111)

Get the VIP offer – for just £47