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Create a plan to sell your group offer before you create it!

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Learn the easiest way to create and sell a group coaching offer that will get your clients amazing results.


Are you interested in building a group coaching offer and learning how to sell it before creating it?

Dani and I pre-sold 2 group coaching offers in just 5 months and generated £25,000 in sales before we created them.

We will be showing you the exact steps we took (and helped our clients – screenshots below)

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What will you learn

How to create an irresistible offer

This one trick will help you create an offer that your ideal clients wont be able to resist. 

How to pre-sell before you create

Don’t let not having anything done yet put you off. We will show you how you can pre-sell your offer so you know it’s something people want, need and will buy, and have the guaranteed income before you do all the work creating the course.

How to profit from your offer over and over 

We will show you how to make sure you create an offer that gets your clients results – and how to leverage those results to profit from your offer over and over again.