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Simplify your business with a high ticket signature group offer

Ready to reimagine the way you work so you can strengthen your self-belief, impact more clients, and lead a joyful, abundant life?

sold out signature offer - 12 week group programme

Join my case study group to pre-sell your high ticket group offer over summer

Imagine starting September with a validated offer you can charge a premium price for

filled with committed clients who already secured their spot before you creating anything

It will take you around 1-2h a day over summer so you can still get your well deserved rest

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Hi, I’m Marta Coric!

 Following years of inner work, investment, and imperfect action, I’ve built a successful coaching business that has seen me sign dream clients, take summers off, enjoy profitable launches, and celebrate my progress along the way. Now I’m helping you do the same!

As a mom, I know what it’s like when you only have half an hour to do a billion tasks, and that’s why I’m all about banishing ‘busywork’ and focusing on the actions that’ll move you forward.

I focused on group offers once my daughter was born, realising I had so little time to work on my business and I needed an offer that

– didn’t require me to have to constantly sign clients (aka spend time on social media) 

– I could charge almost as much as for my 1-1 

– would allow me to scale my offers without having to work more

I’ve since launched 4 different high ticket group offers with my framework and am now on a mission to help others create aligned group offers they can charge a premium for and simplify their business so that they can have time for other important things in their life.

Are you next?

Empowering Coaches to Thrive in Life and Business

“A couple of weeks working with you and I’ve raised my prices, got a strategy, improved my wellbeing and feel like I enjoy my business!!”
– happy client 

Looking for a business coach who has been there, done that, and can help make your heart-led vision a reality?

Combining intuitive coaching support with soul-centred strategies, I’ll help you build a successful business that doesn’t come at the expense of your wellbeing or time spent doing things you love. 

Get started by taking one small action today…


This is business coaching…with a mindful twist!

From sharing hustle-free strategies to pitching bold ideas, wrestling your mind monkeys to resolving tech issues, I’m not afraid to get stuck in and do all I can to simplify your way of working.

Using my tried-and-tested framework, we’ll dig deeper to explore your energetics, visualise your future, and rebuild your business so it’s easy to sustain and scale for years to come.  

I’ll guide you every step of the way to help you…

  • Embrace unshakeable self-belief, serve more clients and ditch the perfectionism holding you back. 
  • Confidently create, sell, deliver and repeat signature offers that are infused with your vision and far less time-consuming.
  • Reach your financial and lifestyle goals and consistently attract dream clients who are ready to buy.
  • Build a full-time coaching business that gives you the freedom to invest in yourself and take time off without any worries.


How to pre-sell your group coaching offer

 (before you’ve even created it!)

Steal my pre-sell strategy to launch an irresistible high ticket group offer and pre-selling it before you create any of the materials, without using  a big social media launch, and without the overwhelm