Imagine having a booked-out coaching biz AND time for yourself

I went from not knowing what I was doing anymore, trying out million of things, feeling exhausted... to just getting so much clarity in what I actually wanted to do and how I actually wanted to run my business that signing clients became so easy and I am now totally booked out.


What I wasn't able to do in 2 years, Marta did in 1 hour - she helped me really nail my niche (the one that is profitable and the best fit for me personally because of my story) and mapped out money making offers and passive income offers for that specific audience.


My business was a big hot exhausting mess before Marta came in, I was going to just delete everything and start from scratch, but she helped me see through it all and find what was working. She made everything so much easier and my business started to skyrocket, and my excitement for it is back too!


Hi coach!

Can you relate?

You got your certification!

You are starting this coaching business!

Its all so exciting and you just know this is what you are meant to do!

You want to make a huge IMPACT on others and the world and build a business that is going to give you the financial, time, location, passion (you-name-it) FREEDOM! 

You go out there and you start looking at ways to get more clients, and end up following millions of online marketing coaches, business coaches, instagram specialists, linkedIn specialist, facebook ads specialists…, and you go down every possible marketing rabbit hole you can get your hands on. 

And your head just starts spinning and suddenly you lost all your excitement and yourself in the process. Not to mention you cannot get your business to work for you at all.



And then…

Fast forward a few months your head is spinning, you are working so much, doing all the things, being on all the platforms, offering all sorts of offers, and absolutely NOTHING is working!

And to make things worse…

You lost your friends in the process.

You haven’t talked to your spouse in ages (after all, he/she doesn’t have a clue of what you are doing, or how much money you are spending on all the things you need for your business so better avoid them, no?).

You neglected yourself completely (because who can afford self care when you are not getting any clients).

You are exhausted, your mind is going in million directions, you cannot figure out how to proceed, what to do next…

How to just get that success that everyone else seems to be getting???

This is where I come in. I am Marta, a coach and business strategist for coaches.

I help you uncover what is it that you really want your business (and life) to look like and create easy systems to enable you to work less and have a bigger impact. I use a mix of coaching to get to the bottom of what your dreams are, what could be the hidden challenges holding you back and how can you create the life and business you dream of, and my tech and business strategy background to help you find the right tools and strategy so that you can stop spinning around in circles and finally find ease in your work. 

Even just one session can change EVERYTHING for YOU

I have a powerful 1h session in which we can immediately get clarity on where you want to go, find the blocks that you might not be aware of that are keeping you from achieving the things you want, and help you get new motivation and excitement about your business again!

Just click the button below and see how 1h can change everything for you.


What do we cover in the free session?

Your Vision

Get clarity on your vision and what does success look like to you! Without this you can end up going in million directions without ever ending up in the right place.


If you are not there yet there might be something internal or external stopping you, and we dig deep to find the things that block your sucess.

Next steps

Finally create a clear plan of action for reaching all of your goals and desires. Find the new excitement for your business and life. And watch the magic happen.

It’s important to find a coach that’s a good fit. Let’s chat!

I put the priority on creating a SUSTAINABLE (and PROFITABLE) business strategy while ALSO creating an amazing life for you in the process. So you don’t have to have one or the other, or wait until you hit those ridiculous milestones before you start actually living your best life. We create that dream life NOW! Whatever that means for YOU!

And by ‘sustainable business’ I mean the one that fits in with what you love doing, what you want to be doing and setting up systems that are going to help you with the things you don’t really enjoy so that you don’t burn out.

A business model that is authentically yours and totally aligned with YOU (and that gets you clients)!